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Help--rebuilt pump isn't pumping

[Note: I'm having trouble with my usual account, so please do reply to 
wallace@remdesign.com rather than this address.]

Today I rebuilt my hydraulic pump, by the instructions of the 
Bentley and Arun Rao and others. Everything went okay. But then I 
began priming the pump. I poured Pentosin in the input and both 
outputs, and then kept feeding it to the input. Eventually (that 
pump holds more than I realized) it started coming out the steering 
output, the back one on the aluminum side of the pump. No fluid is 
coming out of the brake output, the one in front next to all those 
piston caps. I've pumped quite a bit of fluid through the pump now, 
but still none comes out of the brake output. I see no leaks, 

Any ideas? I would really appreciate anything, since this has me a 
little worried. Thanks. 

- Wallace 
  '87 5kcstq 150k 

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