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RE: How To - 016 Quattro Transmission Axle Flange Seal R&R

>     4. Index the CV joint and the axle flange. Remove the bolts
> which secure
> the inner CV joint to the transmission axle flange. These take a
> 10mm triple
> square socket. Don't even think about trying to use a Torx driver! On the
> right side, you will have to remove the CV joint heat shield first. These
> bolts are torqued to 59 ft.lb., so the axle will have to be secured to
> loosen them. Putting the transmission in gear will work if the opposite
> front wheel is on the ground - otherwise, you'll have to get creative.

Why index the CV joint? Is this just personal preference or is there more to
it?  Just curious because when you install a new CV joint there isn't a
consideration to alignment.

Before trying to remove the triple square bolts clean them out as best as
possible to get all the grit and grime out of the splines.  Using a paper
clip helps.  Then before trying to loosen the bolts tap the driver into the
bolt head with a mallet or hammer to make sure it is fully seated.  Give it
a couple of good raps.  The 8 mm bolts on the VW's are notorious for
stripping unless you do this.  Don't know if the 10's are less prone to that
but it's a good practice.  You don't want to find yourself having to drill
out the bolt head after it strips.

To secure the axle you can have an assistant step on the brakes (Make sure
car is properly supported so that the car won't rock when someone gets in
it).  Or failing that, you can remove the wheel, reinstall the bolts, and
place one end of a long bar across two of the bolts and have the other end
jam up against the floor.

Bob Rossato