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Re: MB rear windows

Phil, sorry to mention this, but, if stealth is everything, why do you keep
getting stopped by the Police?

Buy a bright red MB, then they wont know its you! (shamless plug for my car
mode off).

My MB DOES have rear window quattro lettering. Could this be because it is a
very early MB and they had windows left from the WR?

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From: Phil Payne <quk@isham-research.demon.co.uk>
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Date: 11 October 1998 11:14
Subject: Re: MB rear windows

>In message <l03020901b24635fe0e8e@[]> Tom Nas writes:
>> I went for the solution of leaving only the rings and mounting a very
>> small, discrete 'quattro' on the righthand side of the trunklid. You have
>> to be either very close or 'in the know' to read it. The 'quattro' is the
>> chiseled-type chrome script like that used on all late-80s Audis and
>> like it belongs there.
>My car has the grill rings on the front, and a small "UK quattro Owners
>Club" badge made from a cut-down keyring.  I've taken the ring decals
>off the doors, I never had anything on the side windows, and I've
>taken everything ("Audi", "0000", "quattro turbo") off the back.
>Stealth is _everything_.
>And got stopped by the fuzz _AGAIN_ yesterday.  Four times in four
>weeks.  They can pull me over to start pointless discussions on how
>I take roundabouts, but they can't stop the endless stream of petty
>theft from cars in the village.
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