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Forget the rain, we have bigger problems...

  Up front I want to thank everyone for all of their help and
advice over the past year, wish I had more free stuff to 
give away!   

  Went out this am and changed plugs on my 84 4KS, also
checked oil and put in 1/4 of a quart.  There was/is moisture 
on the dip stick but the oil color and smell were fine.  When I
opened the fill cap, it had frothy tan colored  gunk on it. 

  After running the engine for a few minutes I noticed smoke
coming from engine bay, when I opened the hood, I found
smoke coming from the general area of the manifold. 

  Am getting very nervous now!  1. How would water get in 
the engine  and   2. What's the problem?   I am not prepared 
for something catastrophic with this car and if it is a major
problem (like it seems to be) I will have to look for something
else and may have a parts car for sale.

Looks like I _really_ pissed off the Audi Gods!

Any help will be much more than greatly appreciated!     Ron
PS:  New plugs and wires helped!
oooo      Ron Roth   Ithaca NY USA      84 4000S