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RE: Audi Quattro Mountain Bike?

there were at least 2 models from memory.  if they're giving it away as a
prize, it is probably the cheaper of the 2.  from time to time, i've even
seen magazine ads for the bikes.  nice grey colour with red "quattro"
labels.  from what i've read about the quattro bikes, they're not bad.
definitely worth a look...

the other possibility is that mtm were looking at doing a range of mtb's and
walter rohrl brought one out to nz for trial when he went biking in the
southern alps for a couple of weeks.  it was a seriously nice bike, a good
compromise between a climber (very much required in the southern trails) and
a reasonable speed machine.  no idiot bits (disc brakes), so more a proper
bike.  there was talk of retailing the bike using audi dealers...

that bike got displayed in a dealers in christchurch after walter left and,
despite being there only overnight in the display case, someone trashed the
case and made off with the bike!  

'95 cannondale (very used, but still strong)
'94 klein (roadie gear)
> Date: Fri, 9 Oct 1998 11:28:25 -0500
> From: William Elliott
> Anybody heard of an Audi Quattro Mountain Bike?