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Re: Deer FAQs

Well, I'll add my 2c.

I live in Michigan, and we have a thriving deer herd (combination of
unsuccessful hunters that are dwindling in numbers because of the un-P.C.
nature of hunting).  As such, we have record numbers of deer accidents.

Important things to remember:

Keep your eyes open when you're driving, especially at night.  Watch for the
telltale signs of illuminated green eyes.  Deer, especially does, are very
rarely alone, so the one deer you see is probably very closely accompanied
by one or more others.

Deer "sirens", which emit superhuman tones which deer can hear and are
aggrevated by, do work.  They're relatively inexpensive to add to your car,
and can mean the difference between an annoyed deer and a dead deer.

If it looks like you're going to hit a deer, don't swerve drastically!
Losing control of your vehicle and causing a multiple car accident is far
more serious than hitting a deer.  Check with your insurance, because deer
accidents are usually covered.  If you swerve and cause an accident, it may
not be ("No Fault" states aside, of course).  Remember that a car can be
fixed or replaced.  Your family (and the others on the road) cannot.

Finally -- and most importantly -- venison tastes good, and is much better
for you than beef.  If you hit a deer, ask to take it.  Have it processed.
Great stuff.  Venison steaks, venison burgers, venison jerky... mmm!  :-)

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