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Teflon tape, sealant

Gents, and ladies, of course. Loctite PST, a white paste, used in place
of teflon tape. Also good is the white pipe sealant in a tube from the
local hardware store, 3 or 4 bucks for a lifetime supply. Wurth has the
same thing, 5 or 6 times the price. Probably has an exquisitely hand
done label or something. We never use the tape for 2 reasons: (1) Bits
of tape can get in the oil passages of whatever you are using it on, and
(2) I can never seem to get it wrapped the right direction, especially
if I take time to think about it! Personally, I've never had a trans
fill plug leak or fall out. You just tighten it properly. BTW, the
threads appear to have a slight taper, so a good tug on the wrench
should do it.