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Electrical Help

I have a 88, 90 Quattro. Just bought it, ordered the Bentley manual, but
developed a serious electrical problem before the manual arrived.
Driving at highway speed when the fan, A/C, turn signals, sunroof and windows
stopped working at the same time. I had pulled off the road to check the usual
fuses. The radiator fan was not working and the car started to heat up.
I did some checking, I had my DVM with me, could not find any thing obvious.
Drove home withour having the car overheat.
I could not think of a single relay that would have affected so many systems.
I found the 20 amp circuit breaker on the inside relay board, but it checked
out fine. I bypassed it to make sure it just did not fail under load, no luck.
I popped the plastic cover off the relay that works the radiator fan and
manually closed the contact and the fan worked. I did the same with the
windows and sun roof. 
So my assumption is that the problem lies with what ever should be supplying
the voltage to the coils on the relays, since the switches (window and
sunroof) worked when I closed the contact by hand.
Tomorrow is Columbus Day, so there will not be any mail, No manual.  If anyone
can give me a clue what to check next it would be greatly appreciated.

Patrick M. Staples
88, 90 quattro.
87 900 turbo SAAB
87 740 turbo Volvl