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Re: 20V Fan

Hairy green toads from Mars made RELAYER@aol.com say:

> Raving Bob D' said:
> -------------------------------------------------------------
> Well, the radiator fan on my wife's 20V (7A) decided to stop working.
> I gave it a noble effort of about 30 seconds diagnostic tonight, by
> turning on the AC to see if the fan would come on, it did not. Nor did
> it when I shorted out the radiator thermo switch. So something past that
> is kaput. I checked fuse as well..
> Any great ideas before I attack this in the morning?
> -----------------------------------------------------------
> I just replaced the fan in my '90 90, and it cost $167 from The Parts
> Connection.  I called around and at the time, that was the best price.  Funny,
> I also replaced the fan on my old (Dan's new) CQ, and both Audi's fans died of
> the same cause....the wiring connection on the back of the fan.
>   /\        _I        Christian J. Long (& Breeze Heller - fiancee)

Ditto on Angela's 90Q20V. The wiring harness for the fan fried,
took the motor with it (or vice versa).

Replaced both, fixed some crap that Eurosport broke while they
were in there, works fine now.


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