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Re: Deer FAQs (Wuz: Deer woes)

Shaun D. Mullen wrote:

> Mark Switek wrote:
> > Hit a deer on the way to work today.
> As a longtime veteran of the deer wars, it occurs to me that about this
> time every year, there are at least a few list members who can offer
> common-sense advice regarding looking out for deer and avoiding
> customizing your Audi when you do spot them.

 Just a comment. Those "deer whistles" that are available in the USofA
are, in my opinion, 100% worthless. Had them on my truck and so did my
dad. He hit a deer, I managed to miss a deer only because the threshold
lockup of my rear tires (no load, light rear) scared it off the road. So
don't waste your money, besides, they look stupid.

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