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Re: sorry, i made a typo on the VIN both times

In message <3621F7E0.1AB756D8@snet.net> Bob writes:
> > Hands up anyone who believes a team of 48 people (including the tea
> > boy) built 590 cars by hand in two assembly bays over 30 days.

> >From what I understand, they didnt have sequential serial numbers. 001 was a coupe,
> but 002 might have been something else, and the next coupe may have been 079....

I don't know what they were up to in 1982.

Otherwise, the fiche don't show any gaps and show much more reasonable
numbers (about 2.75 cars/day) coming out of Neckarsulm.  The MB-engined
cars have sequential gap-less numbers.

Don't forget that a major purpose of the early production series was
homologation for the rally cars.

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