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Re: 5kcstqw rear door speaker question (using the stock amp w/new radio)

You can just tap into the wires going to the door speakers.  Unplug the
connector from the amp, plug two spade connectors with wires into various
slots in the connector, touch the exposed end of the wires to the end of a
AA battery.  This will cause a scratching noise in the speaker (does not
harm the speakers) this will let you know where each combination of
connector slots routes.  I elected to not connect into the rear tweets
since the highs tend to pull the soundstage into the backseat.

> From: Ron Riddle <rriddle@mail.riddleware.com>
> I am trying to install a new in dash CD player in my 86 5kcstqw and was
> hoping to retain the rear speaker amplifier.  Hooked it all up and no
> sound to the rear four speakers.  Amp has power on it, but no sound (no
> blown fuses either.  Anyone out there do this sucessfully, or must I rin
> new speaker wires to the 4 door speakers in the rear.