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my UrQ VIN, andhow much does the power doorlock system weigh?

>I know this is kinda silly, but since the power doorlock system in my 
UrQ dont work, how much does it weigh?

This system weighs all of about 2 pounds, they may break easily but they 
can be fixed even easier.  Don't have a clue why Phil said take it out.  
You basically have the pump, it works or doesn't, may weigh a pound, and 
2 small plunger switches, one in each door.  If the pump works, you have 
a switch or vacuum prob.  Both easy fixes.
You noticed youe VIN error.  Auti making convention has been that 
anything built after June is usually the next calender year model, ie., 
your July 82 build date would nake it an 84.  Though with hand made cars 
like ours you never can tell.
81 UrQ, the last one made for that production year

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