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Re: Audi GT Racer & Horch Roadster FS in Hershey PA

Goering.  Convicted at the post-war monkey trial, sentenced to death but
hung himself in his jail cell.  He had a taste in fine art and was
responsible for most of the Nazi plundering of same throughout Europe.  A
large majority of the lootage remains unfound to this day.

At 11:28 AM 10/10/1998 ,  George & Deanna Achorn was inspired to say:
>      On another note, I was at the high-end showing of the Hershey Antique
>  Auto Show this weekend, at the Hershey Lodge and Convention Center is where
>  the seriously expensive cars are. Of note specifically is a silver '37 Horch
>  roadster supposedly owned by the head of the Luftwaffe (can't remember the
>  guys name but I'll probably go back and take pics and write it down and show
>  it at the VW Vortex site).

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