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Re: Help with Inputing Radio Code - '92 100

Hairy green toads from Mars made Debu Purohit say:

> I have a 92 100 with an Audi gamma radio that went into SAFE
> mode.  I now need to input the security code.  I have the code but
> I have long lost the manual that showed how to input it.

I just happen to have the Gamma manual sitting next to my desk.

Press FM1 and AM simultaneously until "1000" lights up.
Release the buttons (BIG EMPHASIS in the manual).

Use station buttons 1 to 4 to input the code number (1 for
first digit, 2 for second, etc.).

Once the right code is in, press FM1 and AM again until
SAFE appears. Let go, and soon the radio will be on.


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