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Re: 90q TB 2084 doesn't fit ?????

> There is a rubber stopper/cap/plug on the harmonic balancer  which 
> precisely the section where   the fork end of the 2084 wants to go. It
> would have worked just fine if the fork on the 2084 was positioned

Are you talking about the rubber bumper on the engine block.  If so
just work it off.

> Also, once I am in the stupid question mode, could someone tell me
-- is
> that bolt 29 mm? Sears in DUrham doesn't have any 6 point metric
> bigger than 21 mm, and I am trying to figure if I can use one of the

The 2079 tool is a 12 point socket isn't it?

p.s. those big round holes in the camshaft pully and the edge of the
casting on the cylinder head looked appealing to insert mungo
screwdriver, twist wrench with right hand, hold screwdriver with left
hand.  Am I missing something that I shouldn't have done this?
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