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Drag link sockets

All this talk of drag link sockets got me to thinking. You might be able
to rig up your own.

My old Toyota truck had a servicable draglink from the pitman arm to the
arm on the front hub. I intended to service said drag link, I even
ordered the parts from Toyota at $90. Then I went to try to back out the
plugs and ran into big problems. So the next time I was at my father's
place, we grabbed a piece of scrap steel that just fit into the slot on
the plug and cut a piece the proper size to fit into an old socket. We
then proceeded to weld the steel piece into the socket. I didn't get a
chance to test how sturdy our "jerry-rigged" socket was, so I can't say
if it would hold up to the torque needed to break some of these plugs
loose. I've still got the $90 worth of Toyota parts even though the
truck is gone, can't take them back as I've lost the receipt, oh well.

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