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Re: Installing Hella fogs on 200...fuse pops every time.....

mtwigg@fdpcorp-boston.com wrote:
> Just installed a new set of Hella 550 comet fogs on the 200. All wired up
> and ready to go. Hot lead from the batt. + to #30, yellow 86 to the load on
> the switch, 87 to the two fogs, blue 85 grounded to body. Brown ground off
> switch grounded to body as well. Every time I turn it on, It pops the relay
> fuse??!!!! Wired it up identically to my mother's 5ks which I did several
> years ago. The switched power (green wired to switch) is coming off the
> parking lamps. Anyone have a problem with these kits??? I may call Hella
> today and see if I need anything special for the 200's wiring system.
> Matt
I do not know electrically were the fuse is in the circuit but if it
protects the lamps and the relay...you may have a shorthed bulb or it's
contacts. If my assumption is correct you will have a short to ground
thru the fuse, the closed relay contacts and the shorted bulb and ....
Test each lamp individually. Typically bulbs are supossed to blow OPEN
but ....check socket and contacts