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89' 200tq Clunking!!!

I recently had the master cylnder replaced on my 89' 200tq. When the car 
was returned to me I felt a faint clicking in the front. The sound has 
gotten progressively worse over the past week. Today the sound was so 
bad that I thought the axle was going to break. I pulled into the CV 
joint shop and had it looked at. He put it up on the lift and we 
discovered that it wasn't the CV joint. I then told him that I was going 
to try to hoble the car over to my garage and have my mechanic take a 
look at it. I then got in the car fearing the drive over and the sound 
was gone. It was back to it's regular click like when I picked it up. I 
am sure that the large grinding and clunking is going to return, but I'm 
totally puzzled now. The reason that I nneded the master cylinder 
replaced was that it was sticking. He also looked over my brakes and 
said that I did not need new pads yet. So, he did actually take the 
wheels off. If anyone can help me out with this one I'd really 
appreciate it.


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