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Re: How To - 016 Quattro Transmission Axle Flange Seal R&R

Aren't those plugs tapered pipe threads?

---Steve Bigelow <sbigelow@sprint.ca> wrote:
> Richard Beels spoketh...
> >Only change I would make is to note that I use
> >teflon tape instead of anti-sieze but that's just a personal
> Always been my understanding that teflon tape is for pipe thread
> connections, and have only used it on such. Would hate to lose some
> bits of tape in a tranny. Probably wouldn't hurt a manual box too
much, but
> sure wouldn't want it in a automatic.
> I think Loc-tite makes an appropriate light-duty sealer for just
such an
> straight thread, liquid sealing application.
> Steve Bigelow
> Discreet Dungeons
> Ottawa Ontario
> '84 5ks "Audrey", proper German silver, Husco armrest/cupholder
> '82 Coupe (previous)

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