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Re: A4 Auto 1.8T Heat/Sound barrier

The hood insulation is standard on the '99 1.8Ts and some very late '98s
so I don't see why you couldn't add it to your car.

I'm not sure if the coverage is different from the 2.8s (whether there's
a cut-out over the turbo or something like that) but you can buy it from
the Audi parts dep't or from Clair for about $75 or so plus $20 for the
clips. I haven't gotten it yet for my '98 1.8TQ but probably will at some


Pcarselle wrote, in part:

> ...Dealer says...turbos do not have
> the shield installed at the factory, for some obscure reason...Can
> anyone corroborate or modify the dealer's comments ?
> Pablo