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RE: urq braking

In message <0D1316C4DFFED0118B990000F804E8BC37754F@MOENT1.MINEDU.GOVT.NZ> Eaton Dave writes:

> certainly, keeping the g60's, skimming the discs and replacing the pagid
> pads with mintex ones on my ur-q resulted in a documented 1.09g stop after 5
> full-power applications.  a little squeal is evident and feel has improved
> sliglthy when cold, feel is quite alot better when warm/hot, and fade has
> not yet occured.  maybe i'm not trying hard enough...

The 20V has somewhat better brakes than the MB (greater swept areas,
ventilated rears), which in its turn has better brakes than the WR/WX.

I'm not sure how valid your comments are to a 1983 WX driver.

 Phil Payne
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