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Messing with the Audi Gods

Ok, brought the 4KS into the shop this pm, they think it's the
head gasket, will tear down tomorrow to get a better look.
They have a '90 100 no-q  (VIN WAUBC5442LNO77158)
with 119,793 miles on it.  Asking $3k as is, brakes felt 
_very_  soft (although it's been sitting for awhile), steering
felt a little loose, and there's only one spot of rust.  It's an 
automatic so my wife will be happy!  I am not all that familiar
with this car, what should i look out for?  I am considering 
taking it and running!  Would then have two Audis.     Ron

oooo      Ron Roth   Ithaca NY USA      84 4000S