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Re: urq VINs

>Hey all, one more wierd thing is that the build date is 7/82...
>if it were an 83 car, as the VIN says, wouldnt it have a chassis number 
>lower than 539?
>Am i missing something here?
>here is the VIN again: WAUDC085900539   

>From a cursory glance at the info I have about urq VINs, it would
appear to me that Audi began production of U.S. urquattros in February
of 1982, but started the VINs at D-900001.  They then continued to
number sequentiall until August of 1982, at which time they switched
to the 1983 production changes and continued numbering at D-9000543
(give or take a few).

Or perhaps they just randomly assigned numbers depending on how the
VIN guy on the production guy felt.  It certainly would make as much
sense as all the other possibilities...

'82 CGT, '82 urq
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