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2.7 biturbo

Electrically actuated throttle valve(electronic accelerator)or(drive by
......With the Motronic ME 7.1 Audi is using an electrically actuated
throttle valve for the first time...
There is no longer any need for a mechanical accelerator cable between the
accelerator and throttle valve.This has been replaced by an electronic
control system(drive by wire).
The accelerator position sender records the accelerator pedal angle and
transfer it to the engine control unit...
The engine control unit adjusts the throttle valve by means of an electric
motor. A continous stream of feedback signals on the position of the
throttle valve is sent to the engine control unit...
....Extensive security measures in hardware and software format-such a twin
senders, safety module and self-monitoring computer architecture-are
integrated in the electronic accelerator....