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2.7 biturbo

The accelerator position sender transfer an analog signal corresponding to
the accelerator position to the motronic..To ensure that the electronic
accelerator fuction reliably the accelerator position sender has two
independent potentiometer.....
They have different characteristic curves(sorry have a diagram but can't
The control unit monitor the two senders for proper functioning and
If a sender fails the other sende serves as a substitute...
The accelerator position sender transfers the driver's inputs to the
Motronic and provides kickdown information to the automatic gearbox(A6
There no separated switch for kickdown information..
integrated in the accelerator position sender is a "mechanical pressure
point"which conveys an authentic "kickdown feel" to the driver...
.....When the driver operates the kickdown the full-load voltage of the
accelerator position sender is exceeded....If a voltage define in the engine
control unit is attained in the process , this interpreted as a kickdown and
transferred to the automatic gear box(via CAN-Bus)...
The accelerator position sender for the manual gearbox and automatic
gearboxes are identical...
kickdown is eneble or didable via the acceleration limit stop.....