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Not so Quattroless anymore...

I haven't taken delivery yet but I soon will be able to take an active role
in the Qlist!  I am puting a deposit on a 1990 90Q 20v.  I had a deal on a
Canadian Coupe but it fell through due to Customs problems (car did not
have airbag, need it to enter US).
Anyway, I'm getting a red 90 with black leather. 68,000 one owner-garage
kept miles.  Cold weather package, power seats, upgraded stereo, all
options.  I am spending more than I had hoped but it has to be the nicest
90Q available right now.
I will pick it up shortly after our first kid decides to be born. That
means I should have it in 2-3 weeks.  
I should make it to the Quattro meet at AutoHaus in Harrisburg next
weekend.  I hope to meet some listers there.  I'll be the tall guy wearing
something that says "Ducati" on it (my favorite 2 wheeler, maybe I'll even
ride it there) and drooling on all the Quattro's.
Thanks for listening, I had to share my new toy with some folks who can
appreciate it!
Dave Kase
soon to be Quattro'd  :)