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Fwd: Rad. Fan Fusible link

SNIP W/virtual Scissors
>I was wondering if anybody has put in the fusible link to the radiator 
>fan (as founds on the '91 200Q, others to I'm sure, but I known this car 
>has one) on a 5Ktq.  I'd feel pretty stupid if I burned up my wiring 
>harness for lack of such a cheap and simple item.  


I own an 87 5KTQ (bought in 93 for $3K+1K worth of parts) because the
fuseable link (80 amp) the former owner installed in his radiator fan
circuit did not open when the fan bearings failed and the unit locked up.
The resulting melt down did in his wiring harness and chilled his interest
in ever owning an Audi again!  I would suggest you look at a value of 60
amps.  The fan draws 500 watts in "stage three cooling" mode which
translates to 42 amps at 12 volts.  Starting current would be higher
current than that.  The relay contacts (that also melted down in my case)
are rated at 70 amps, Yikes!!  Don't set the value of the link too low.  If
you warp a head because the car overheated due to the link opening up, you
would be very unhappy.