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more info on problem

OK, here's a little more info from some troubleshooting.

Get in car.  Drives normally.  UNTIL! You put the 'pedal to the metal' and
the car hits 1.6bar; from then on, anything above 1.2bar will cause
immediate surging(more like on-off-on-off-ing.)

Stop by the side of the road.  Turn off car.  Turn on car.  Drive normally,
up to 1.5 bar or so, just fine+dandy.

So seems like it is "remembering" something, and "forgets" when I turn off
the ignition.

Anyone seen this before?  I'm going to try and dig out my Bently, and run
the car around, get it to do the stall-bit, then dump the codes with the
engine running.

BTW, replacing those hoses drastically improved idling, but idle doesn't
change much when the A/C is switched on(ie, I go from "OFF" to "AUTO")
Weird.  Something for another day...


Brett Dikeman
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