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Orlando dealer selling Audi V8 goes to jail today

Hey all,
If you were paying attention last week, you might have seen Dave Head's post
about  a nice looking V8 with low miles for sale here in Orlando.  Dave and I
had both stopped by to look at it, and I was actually thinking that maybe a V8
would be a good replacement for Breeze's 319ti.  The car looked OK, had low
miles (72K) but the body and interior looked more like 100K miles.

I get a message from Dave today telling me they arrested the dealer and his
sales manager for odometer roll backs....over 500 cars in 2 years!  I got to
watch the story on the news tonight, and the reporter was standing in front of
the Audi V8 reporting as the 2 guys were hauled off to jail in front of the
camera.  Many cars were taken as evidence, and one car on the lot was actually
stolen with a falsified VIN#!   I may swing by there tomarrow to see if the V8
is still there...and if so, maybe they will sell it really cheap to raise
money to bail out their boss!   I'm thinking of offering $6K for it!

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