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Re: new license plate ideas anyone?

	sure, you'll offend a few people.  not as much as that
	joker in texas (i think) with ZYKLON on his plate, but
	it'll still offend.  i went to a hellof liberal university, 
	i am a pretty good judge of this ;)

On Mon, 12 Oct 1998 RELAYER@aol.com wrote:

:|I just had a good idea for a new plate that I may be looking to get this
:|BLTZKRG (Blitzkrieg)
:|Only thing is, would this be considered politically UNcorrect?  Would Jewish
:|people or WWII vets find this offensive?  I am a big fan of WWII novels and
:|historical books, so I would never own a vanity plate that would offend people
:|of this era.
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