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UPDATE: My Coupe quattro!

Hi gang,

I'm going to try to make this quick since it is after 12 AM and I have
to be at work bright and early tomorrow.  ;-)

As many of you know, my 1990 CQ was diagnosed as having a bad
tranny....  doh!   I think I have almost all of the details worked out

I have decided that a used tranny will probably work best on my budget
(especially considering the other mods I'll be doing... more on that in
a minute)   It looks as if Chris Semple at Autobahn might be my source
for the tranny.  I'm still waiting on one or two final quotes, but the
decision will be made by Wednesday at 1 PM.

Since the tranny will be out, I'm also installing a new clutch (duh) and
having the flywheel lightened.  I suspect that my center drive shaft
bearing needs rebuilding, so that will be done if needed.

Now, on the the fun stuff....  I figured that if I was going to put
money into the car, I was REALLY gonna put money into it.  (RELAX, I'm
not building an S2...  I didn't win the lottery!)  haha   I'll also be
adding: H&R springs with Bilsteins, new bushings, front & rear bars
(rear since my CQ is an early build w/o the bar), and a set of 16"
wheels and tires!  How is THAT for bank account depletion?  ;-)   For
the wheels I'm trying to decide between Borbet Type C and the TSW
Trophy.  Tires are my dilemma though...  I have learned from another CQ
owner that 225/50 16s are likely to rub on the fenders and that
225/45-16's would work better.  That is fine...  but I need to decide on
the tires!  I have it narrowed down to two choices..  the Pirelli PZero
Asimmetrico at $129 ea  OR the Yokohama AVS Intermediates?  I'd love to
hear your opinions / suggestions on the wheel & tire issue!

Back to the budgeting....


'90 CQ20V