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Re: Arghh... stripped oil pan drain bolt on 3B!

In message <362346FF.53DD@iatcmail.ed.ray.com> Peter Schulz writes:

> Now before I lose what little is left of the flats on the formerly
> 17mm bolt, I need your advice.  Should I try heat (I'm nervous
> because of the aluminum oil pan), an easy out (do-able, but will it
> take the torque?), or should I try the messy job of dropping the
> oil pan with the oil in it, and then sending the pan/bolt to a
> machine shop?

Last option would be my choice.  Pans are expen$ive.

Get a long thin plastic tube into the dipstick pipe and siphon some of
the pan contents off overnight.  It used to be possible to get oil
changes done at German filling stations this way.

 Phil Payne
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