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Re: re Re: 94 90S stalling

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From: Phil Rose <pjrose@servtech.com>
To: quattro@coimbra.ans.net <quattro@coimbra.ans.net>
Date: Τρίτη, 13 Οκτωβρίου 1998 06:14
Subject: re Re: 94 90S stalling

>>Phil (Payne) responded:
>> Depends how he cleaned it out.  According to the book, inserting
>> ANYTHING into the working bits is verboten.
>> I have new Quick ISV Test - disconnect it and try to blow/suck
>> it.  A good one closes completely, and you'll have trouble.  A bad
>> sticks partly open and should describe a long arc over the back
>> Any comments on this test?
>>The ISV on the 1988 90qs goes past closed when unpowered, presumably to
>>provide a limp home mode if unpowered.  It will pass air easily unpowered.
>>                .... Kirby   (Kirby A. Smith)
>>                              2 x 1988 90q
>>                          New Hampshire USA
>The ISV functions that way (open when unpowered) in the '91 200q, also.
>Phil Rose Rochester, NY
>'89 100 (For Sale, 111K, automatic)
>'91 200q mailto:pjrose@servtech.com
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The ISV functions that way (open when unpowered) in the '94 RS2, also.
pantelis Giamarellos
Athens, Greece
'94 RS2  pantg@otenet.gr