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Re: Arghh... stripped oil pan drain bolt on 3B!

If you have a grinder, you can grind a slot in the head of the bolt and try
a screwdriver socket-head.   EZ Out or Allen makes a socket-head that had
barbed teeth that grip onto the flats of rounded nuts and are oftentimes
successful.  PB Blaster is a better break-free penetrant.  Try PBB and a
little heat.  Rapping smartly with a MLAAT (Monkey Lad Attitude Adjustment
Tool) can be helpful as well.  If all this fails, Phil's advice about
siphoning out oil is a very good one...  :-)

At 08:26 AM 10/13/1998 ,  Peter Schulz was inspired to say:
>  Now before I lose what little is left of the flats on the formerly
>  17mm bolt, I need your advice.  Should I try heat (I'm nervous
>  because of the aluminum oil pan), an easy out (do-able, but will it
>  take the torque?), or should I try the messy job of dropping the
>  oil pan with the oil in it, and then sending the pan/bolt to a 
>  machine shop?

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