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re Re: 94 90S stalling

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quk@isham-research.demon.co.uk (Phil Payne) writes:

	> > ... the ISV?

	> There are two general types on Audis - a circular device made by
	> and a longish cylindrical thing made by VDO.  Both have two hoses
	> connected - one from each side of the throttle body, although the
	> internal airways in the inlet manifold mean this isn't always
	> Both also have an electrical connector and _no_ fuel lines

	Now there seems to be a third type, with a partially-open default

	I assume cars with these have no throttle body adjustment screw?

Yes, that is almost correct.  The screw on the 1988 90qs is backed out to
full throttle closure, and later models dispense with it altogether.  Note
that this type ISV looks like your VDO description, and I vaguely recall
that it is a VDO.

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