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RE: UrQ starting prob

I'd say the first thing to do is to measure the voltage at the starter
solenoid when the first attempt is made.  Over time the switch,  wiring and
connectors become more resistive and the voltage drop increases; at the same
time, and to make matters worse the old starter solenoid gets harder to
actuate.  Probably all that needs to be done is to replace the starter ...
and pick up a heat shield for the solenoid for a 5000t and install it as
well.  I recommend that you make a minor change to the wiring to insert a
relay in the line from the switch to the starter solenoid ... it will reduce
the amount of current the switch is required to provide and provide a higher
voltage to the starter solenoid.  

You may find that you get a new style starter to replace the original (if
indeed the car still has the original).  The diameter of the newer starter
motor is smaller, so it may not appear possible to mount the metal heat
shield on the QTC starter to it.  I don't remember the details on exactly
how I did it, but I was able to mount the original QTC heat shield AND a 5kt
solenoid heat shield on the replacement starter I installed.  

OBTW, IME it is completely possible for the starter solenoid to make
absolutely no sound at all, even though it is getting a start voltage
applied ...

Steve Buchholz
San Jose, CA (USA)

> ----------
> A friend of mine (not on the list) has run into a odd problem with an UrQ.
> When you turn the key to start, the first couple times _nothing_ happens,
> then the starter will kick in (third turn or so), but the car won't start.
> On the Third shot (starter doing its job), the car always fires up.
> Why would this happen?
> Interesting notes - The car is an 83, has it's fuel pump hard-wired (I
> know, not good - neither of us did it).  The car is a little beat, but not
> terrible.
> If there's an expert who may have seen this, I'd like to help this car be
> all it can be.
> (no - it's really not mine)
> Bob Davis
> bob@segNET.COM
> http://www.segNET.COM