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Re: UrQ starting prob

Bob said:

>Hello -
>A friend of mine (not on the list) has run into a odd problem with an UrQ.
>When you turn the key to start, the first couple times _nothing_ happens,
>then the starter will kick in (third turn or so), but the car won't start.
>On the Third shot (starter doing its job), the car always fires up.
>Why would this happen?
>Interesting notes - The car is an 83, has it's fuel pump hard-wired (I
>know, not good - neither of us did it).  The car is a little beat, but not

I don't know the cause, but yesterday I experienced the exact same problem
with my 83 urq.  After a long run (not hard) I stopped for 10 minutes.  The
car would not start after that.  The dash idiot lights would come on but the
starter would not budge.   I did find a loose connection  at the battery (+)
post which I tightened there and then but still the starter would not turn.
10 minutes later I tried again and it started fine.  It was the first time
that it happened and I haven't had the time to check further,  but I would
start with the fuel pump relay and associated wiring,  just a hunch.