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Re: A4 oil filter question

Steve Manning wrote:
> Am I missing something here?  The oil filter that the dealer uses on the
> warranty oil changes on my A4, as well as the ones I use the the oil
> changes in between, are exactly the same as the I-5 oil filters.  Is my
> dealer 'cheaping out' by using the older filters, or is this a 2.8 vs. 1.8t
> issue (I have a 1.8tq)..............SLM

The 1.8T engine does, according to Bosch filter manual I have, use the
same filter as NA I5 engines.  The V6 A4s use different filters,
actually two - one with the same bypass specs as the 1.8T and antidrain
valve, just a little larger, the other, for AFC engine code has a lower
bypass spec, NO antidrain valve and is larger still.
Looks like the dealer is right.
MJ Murphy