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Re: Leaving a cloud of dust!

Oh how I have been waiting for this one. So tomorrow the local Ford
dealer will give me some strange looks when I roll in with my Audi.


'91 Audi 90 2.3E
_/_/_/_/_/ pepe@z.zgs.de \_\_\_\_\_

>Caliper return springs ease off with age.  On the Girling calipers
>to the ur-quattro, Ford Granada return springs (# 6141147 & #6141148)
>provide more positive action.

>> The seizing handbrake mechanism seems to be a common problem to the
>> Audi rear calipers. Has anyone ever tried to find stronger pullback
>> springs?
>The list used to know a Ford part number, but I've forgotten it and I
>fear to tread in the archives.  Anyone remember?
> Phil Payne
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