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Steering Rack rebuild?

Can anybody offer tips for a first timer contemplating a steering rack
Some folks say it's not practical, especially considering a rebuilt rack is
available from Jorgen for $175.

But a rebuild kit is still a whole lot less expensive and it'll still be a
big job either way.
I rebuilt a hyd. pump and it wasn't difficult.
Now I need to deal with a rack in need of resealing.

I hear alot of comments about the futility of rebuilding Audi hydraulics
(except calipers) etc.  But I also know there are people who do it
successfully (Igor, for one).
So what am I getting into as a first time rebuilder?
I know Igor fabricated a special tool for inserting a seal into the rack.
Very nice but I don't have access to a machine shop.
Is there a generic tool that would work?
 I see Harbor Freight lists a "Bushing/Bearing Driver Set" for $12...is
this a suitable tool?

Any recommendations re: where to get a rebuild kit?
Should I replace the boot too?

TIA for any help.

Dave Conner
Columbus, OH 

87 5KS (hyd pump >not< leaking)
89 100E (steering rack and pump badly in need of re-sealing)
86 4KCSQ (torn cv boot)
91 200Q Avant (For Sale - >not< leaking)