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Re: A4 windshield wiper oddities

> 'airfoil' is part of the replaceable wiper blade, so if you change to
> another brand of blade (like for winter use), you lose the airfoil.
> - - Passenger's side: the blade is uniquely *curved* to conform to the bottom
> of the windshield, meaning normal straight blades don't fit real well.
> I guess this is Audi ingenuity at work (?!).  It means replacing the blades
> are a dealer-only item, which I find irritating for such an often changed,
> mass-market part.

I haven't tried this on an Audi specifically, but the best replacement
blades I've found (and I've tried everything, cheap and expensive)
are 'inserts' by Lexor. There ought to be a type that fits A4s.
What you get is a long (cut it to size yourself) piece of rubber
which uses the original metal rib(s) to provide whatever 
special fit was designed into the OEM blade. Works
astoundingly well. They also make complete blades which have
metal ribs and use the same sort of insert, though for some reason,
it is difficult in NE to find that particular insert type ("C"). 
In the NE, I've only found the inserts at WalMart;
in the SE, other places have them too.
About $5-7 for a pair. Installation requires about half a brain
and 2-3 minutes.


> P.S.  Just to clarify my nomenclature:  the wiper 'insert' is the flexible
> rubber piece that does the wiping, the 'blade' is the metal piece the

...and OEM inserts have metal ribs, while standard replacements 
have a plastic top part which works far less well. Problem: Once
you've tried replacing OEM inserts with this type, you'll probably
have thrown away teh ribs, which makes using the Lexor rubber
impossible - until you buy new OEM wipers (or a Lexor blade, if
your windshield isn't too curved).

BTW, Mitsu. dealers in Germany want $30 for one OEM (probably Bosch) 
blade for the Galant. I now export the appropriate Lexor insert 
for my parents there :) 


> insert fits into, and the 'arm' is what the blade attaches to that provides
> the sweeping action.
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