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RE: Audi Gamma Radio Questions - 92 100S

The Audi stock radios use a "true diversity" reception system where it
actually picks the stronger of two signals (you guessed it, from the
front or the rear antenna).  Since I only saw a piece of the original
post, I can only guess that it was about replacing the factory radio.
If this is the case, then you may want to pick the rear antenna
connection as it is the only one set up to receive AM signals(Traffic,
Talk radio, etc).
chris perry
'89 90q

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> Hairy green toads from Mars made Karl Nitz-GKN001 say:
> >      What is the explanation for the 2 "antenna" connectors?  It
> looks 
> >      like there are two connectors for the antenna in the back of
> the 
> >      radio.  I haven't pulled them off yet, but any explanation of
> the 
> >      connections would be helpful.
> Front and rear antennas.  Pick ojne (I think front is best)
> and use it.
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