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Re: 4kq Center Muffler

 "Mark L. Chang" Wrote:
>Got the q up on a lift courtesy my local Marathon gas station/NAPA service
>center to examine which part I needed to stop her from sounding like a
>rattling bucket 'o bolts.
>Anyways, the manager quoted me $350 to install a new center muffler.
>Uh... no.

Stop.  Don't buy anything just yet. I just ordered and installed a  WHOLE
cat-back system for my 4kq from Blau for $300 a few weeks ago.  Comes with
all hardware and it fits.  Heavy construction, proper Ansa
silencer/resonator (just like OE).
Hung it in a half hour with Paul Royal's assistance (and Tim O'Neils lift
and oxy-acetylene torch).

Car sounds like new.

Call them.  

Should have the Bilsteins tomorrow or Thursday.
Then the Hakka 1's.
Gonna have a fun little TSD car.

Bob Davis