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How To Remove Tranny drain plug?

I tried to remove the drain plugs on my 4kq tranny the other day and
almost stripped the forward one because it is on so tight.  I was using a
cheater bar on the allen wrench to get it off.  Could not keep allen in
tight enough to get it off though.  It is on REALLY TIGHT.
	I know this is a common problem.  How do you fix it.
FYI, I got the rear out by using the VW tool on the lower drain plug and
wedging a 2x4 piece of wood between it and the sub-frame, then hammered a
flat blade screwdriver up there to keep it tight and used my feet to press
as hard as I could.  It worked.  It didn't slip out and the bolt came
loose.  Sucker was in tight.  Cant get the tranny one though.  Fear I may
not be able to.  
	Where can you order the plugs with the magnets to catch the metal
shavings and do all Audi trannys have these.  

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