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Re: Audi withdraws from British Touring Car Championship OR Audi to go rallying again wishfull thinking

Gee wouldn't it be cool for Audi to take the a3/s3 and go rallying. Gee but
then they may have to sell it in the states..... ;]

>the other thing to remember is that imho, rally sport is now about to enter
>another golden age (the 1st since the group b age, so memorable for audi
>fans).  there has never been more fully-fledged manufacturers involved in
>the wrc category (ie non-f2) with the number rising next year to 8!  vw
>next year have 2(!) teams (skoda and seat) with full-house wrc cars (turbo,
>awd).  with peugeot and hyundai moving up to wrc from formula 2, ford
>fielding a new car, toyota, mitsbushi, and subaru continuing with wrc, it's
>going to be a very interesting year....
>'95 rs2
>'90 ur-q
>On Wednesday, October 14, 1998 8:46 AM, Ian J Haseltine
>[SMTP:jim_haseltine@email.msn.com] wrote:
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>> From: Eaton Dave <dave.eaton@minedu.govt.nz>
>> >Series boss Alan Gow, head of
>> >organisers TOCA, had earlier refuted suggestions that the
>> >BTCC was in decline. "We still have more manufacturers than
>> >Formula One and I don't hear that being written off.
>> I might be wrong here, but as far as I can remember, F1 has 11
>> and now that the BTCC has lost Audi & Peugeot and with BMW long gone,
>> they have
>> Volvo
>> Ford
>> Nissan
>> Vauxhall
>> Renault
>> Alfa Romeo (maybe)
>> Honda
>> unless I've missed any thats 7.
>> 7 > 11? Thats some wierd math....