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Re: urq VINs (was Re: Speculation)

Steve Buchholz says:
>> The thing that is interesting that I never had noticed before is that per
>> the fiche, the lowest serial number on a "C" model (I won't get into the
>> MY82/MY83 thing) is 717 ... I know two folks that have "C" models, and I
>> was pretty sure that the serial number was lower than mine (222) ... he
>> was told that it was originally a US demo.  Of course I may be totally
>> wrong and his VIN is over 717 ...

John Karasaki replies:
>Our car with the "C" is #56.  It was bought in California at the dealer in
>January of 1982.  As the second owner, we have all the documentation bck to
>when the car was purchased for $30k+.

Just another data point:  my 1982 urquattro is vin C-900087, was built
in July of 1981, and was delivered to Bavarian Motor Village in East
Point Michigan in October of 1981 (according to AoA's computer).  The
next bit of information I have is that it was bought by someone in 1984
from an Audi dealership (whether used or new I do not know), and was
kept by that owner until Jeff Hemmerlin purchased it in 1994.

'85 CGT, '82 urq
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