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Re: Advice on cleaning alloy wheels

On Tue, 13 Oct 1998 Rolandcomp@aol.com wrote:

> Different driving experience but so far so good.  Any advice on how to best
> clean the 10-spoke alloy front wheels of brake dust and whether I should try

I've been using the new Castrol spray on wheel cleaner on the wheels on my
'89 100q.  Stuff seems to work quite well.  When I got the car the wheels
were encrusted with ground in brake dust.  Over a couple of months the
wheels did come cleaner as I used the product every time I washed the car.
A stiff mylon brush also helped get into some of the really tiny places
and loosen things up.

I'm sure some of the good folks in this group will recommend P21S.  Never
used it.  If I had a car with expensive aftermarket wheels, or even
something newer than the 89 with 170,000 miles on it, I'd probably use
something more expesive that was less abrasive.  But the Castrol works

Bill Murin
89 100q