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Re: Sorry- Broke EZ out

If you broke an EZ-OUT, you're in a world of hurt.  They be HARD HARD
HARD... :-(  Did you mean cobalt drill, instead of carbon?  Usual next step
it to try welding a bit of something to the EZO and trying that.  Seems
unlikely here.

Last option: take the part to someone who has a plasma cutter or an EDM
(Electrical Discharge Machining) machine and get them to remove the
remains. They'll cut that sucker out in nothing flat, very precisely. It
probably won't even cost that much.

At 06:43 PM 10/13/1998 ,  Todd Phenneger was inspired to say:
>  	No problem, use EZ-out to remove, bolt is in really tight. Break
>  EZ-Out.  Try to drill out EZ-out with Carbon tipped drill bit.  WOnt
>  budge.  WHat now.  
>  	HOw the Heck do I get that off or get the bolt out.  Any ideas
>  would be much appreciated.  Thanks

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