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Re: pressure/damper hose for bomb query - 5k

Hi Geo;

    Going for the bomb, eh?  Isn't the large fitting you mentioned a banjo
bolt fitting? On your '87 I think this is sealed with aluminium crush
washers - on the later model bombs it is sealed with 2 o-rings. I would
think that once you had this apart, you would find the hose and fitting is
OK, although externally rusty.
    Doesn't the pressure/damper hose come apart where the damper valve is
located? Maybe you can replace the lower half of the hose only. If you get a
new one, the bomb banjo fitting will be grooved for o-rings, so get the
required o-rings as well.

Have a blast!

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From: geo <gamills@ns.sympatico.ca>
To: quattro@coimbra.ans.net <quattro@coimbra.ans.net>
Date: Tuesday, October 13, 1998 8:08 PM
Subject: pressure/damper hose for bomb query - 5k

>I'm about to do the bomb replacement and the connectors are all
>corroded.  I don't want to frig with them.  I called around and these
>parts - pressure/damper hose and pressure line - are dealer only.
>Former is $120 cdn.
>"Are you sure we're talkin' about the same part?"
>"I believe so."
>Latter is about ten bux, I can live with that.
>Does anyone know of a cheap way around this?  The salt has taken its
>toll on the fittings and the bottom part of the lines.  Maybe I should
>just get an inline connector and new fittings.  One is basically a
>brake line but the other is bigger (pressure/damper hose).  What size
>is it?  Perhaps one of you has one sitting around all dressed up with
>no place to go?
>Any input is appreciated.